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Report: California needs to address housing crisis to meet long-term climate change goals

California's economy grew robustly during the past decade even as state-imposed environmental standards to combat climate-change helped lower greenhouse gas emissions....

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San Jose: Retailers hold “community hostage” by keeping leases on empty buildings

As one vacant space collects trash and rats, supermarket chain holds the lease until 2021 with no immediate plans to fill it....

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No money down mortgages? This California credit union welcomes them back

Carlos Miramontez, the vice president for mortgage lending at Orange County's Credit Union, says 100 percent financing targets the house hunter with good credit history and a steady job but lacks the funds...

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How is commercial real estate taxation unfair to other investors?

With tax reform on Washington's agenda, will the taxation rules that favor commercial real estate investors over some other types of investors be reined in? Don't hold your breath....

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Apple ‘spaceship’ neighbors: Some say life has been hell

Despite Apple's best efforts to be a good neighbor, some residents say the construction disrupted the daily lives of many Sunnyvale residents for more than four years. And they worry the campus' full ope...

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After backlash, San Jose reduces number of ‘tiny homes’ sites for homeless

The city also is getting push-back on some of the remaining potential sites: Senter Road and Wool Creek Drive, Branham Lane and Monterey Road, Bernal and Monterey roads and near the Guadalupe freeway and T...

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How lawmakers want to spend your $3 toll bridge hike, and why some East Bay officials are pushing back

What would commuters get for paying as much as $9 at the toll booth? Plenty -- but some lawmakers say it isn't fair to East Bay drivers....

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Phone survey gauging public support of casino and Seeno family

A phone survey gauging public support of a casino is making the rounds in Pittsburg and setting off alarms for long-time residents who remember a very similar controversy two decades ago....

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